Valparai Route Map

64-km drive from Pollachi to Valparai is itself an exotic experience. En route is the Indira Gandhi Wild Life Sanctuary where lion-tailed macaque, the Nilgiri and the common langur, Malabar giant squirrel, elephant, gaur, spotted deer, sambar, barking deer and wild boar reside. From Valparai you can visit the Aliyar, Sholaiyar and Nirar dams. Tunnels bored into the mountains and canals to harness the water from Parambikulam, Aliyar, Nirar, Sholaiyar Dam, and several tourist spots.

Geographical Information

Location Tamilnadu, Coimbatore District, South India 
Latitude/ Longitude 10o13' - 10o33'N, 76o49' - 77o21'E 
Average Rainfall 500-5000mm. South west- North East Monsoon 
Nearest Railway Station Pollachi-65 kms 
Nearest Air Port Coimbatore-105 kms 
Highest Peak Tanaka Malai. 2513m


North Palghat 
South Munnar 
East Udumalai - Palani and Kodaikanal 
West Parambikulam and Munnar forest

Transfer time by road to Valparai from:

Chennai - Valparai - 580 Kms./8-12 Hrs.

Coimbatore - 110 Kms. /3hrs

Cochin Intl. Airport - 145Kms. /4 hrs

Trissur Town - 140 Kms. (Via Atirapally Falls)

Trissur Town - 165 Kms. (Via Anamalai, Alidar Dam)






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Hornbill castle

A warm welcome awaits you at the Hornbill Castle Bed & Breakfast, a delightful establishment set right in the outer of the picturesque small hill town of Valparai. .