Anamalai Tiger Reserve - ATR

(i) Critical tiger habitat - 958.59 Sq.km
(ii) Buffer area - 521.28 Sq.km
Total - 1479.87 Sq.km

Anamalai Tiger Reserve (100 12’ to 100 54’N and 76 0 44’ to 770 48’E), covering an Core area of about 958 sq. km., Buffer area - 521.28 Sq.km is one of the largest protected areas in Western Ghats, a global biodiversity hotspots. Administratively it is located in Coimbatore Disrict of Tamil Nadu. The hills is one among the 25 Micro Centers of Diversity in the Indian Subcontinent and is one of the seven Level-II Tiger Conservation Unit (TCU) in South East Asia. The Grass Hills in the plateau is proposed as World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO. The sanctuary is bordered in the south west by Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, in the south by the reserve forest of Chalakudy Forest Division and Eravikulam national park, in south east Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary all in Kerala State, and in east mostly by the cultivated plains.

These sanctuaries along with the Reserve Forest of Nelliyampathi Hills form a large conservation area for large and wide ranging species such as elephant, gaur and tiger. The sanctuary is a hilly terrain with the altitude ranging from 175m at the foothills in the north-east to 2550m in the grass hills in the south. The annual rainfall varies from 500mm in the rain shadow eastern slopes to 5000mm in the west.

The temperature varies from < 50 C in the winter at elevation above 2000 m to nearly 400C in the eastern plain in the summer. The lower elevation areas contain southern tropical thorn forest, the medium altitude characterized by deciduous forests and the upper ranges (>1000m) harbours wet evergreen forests. The mountain slopes (>1800m) supports typical shola forests, whereas the mountain
tops are characterized by extensive stretches of grasslands, making it a typical montane habitat.

Valparai is not in core and buffer. but its sourrounding area are core and buffer. Anamalai Tiger Reserve is administrated by The Field Director, Dy. Field Director and It has 6 Ranges. 1. Valparai, 2. Manamboly, 3. Topslip, 4. Pollachi, 5. Udumalpet, and 6. Amaravathi.


Eco-Tourism is promoted by Anamalai Tiger Reserve administration. Hotsopt is Topslip.







Hornbill castle

A warm welcome awaits you at the Hornbill Castle Bed & Breakfast, a delightful establishment set right in the outer of the picturesque small hill town of Valparai. .